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About Me

I’m a psychotherapist who has experience working with trauma and recovery from abuse, grief, anxiety, depression, and life transitions. My outlook is that we are not sick or broken as individuals, but have often learned to adapt to our surrounding environments in ways that might have become harmful to us, or we’ve been hijacked by trauma. I believe we all have the innate wisdom to heal, and that healing happens once we learn to extend compassion toward all parts of ourselves, including those parts we consider unwanted or unacceptable. Sometimes we need help understanding what gets in the way of our wellbeing, and tools to work through painful, confusing and overwhelming experiences. Learning to acknowledge and extend compassion to injured parts of ourselves is not easy. As a therapist, my role is to offer a safe and supportive space wherever you find yourself in this process.

I often use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an evidence-based method that can help resolve painful memories and feelings. I also draw from mindfulness practices and humanistic therapy, and work with clients to develop somatic (body) awareness.

Healing is a unique process for every person. I’m committed to providing informed and compassionate care tailored to your specific needs.

Before going into private practice, I worked in both inpatient and community mental health settings, family reconciliation services, and volunteered for a crisis line. I have also studied visual arts and aerial dance for fun. My own healing journey brought me to yoga and other spiritual disciplines.

I have been trained in KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy) and can offer these sessions at a practice in Mountlake Terrace.

Services and Rates

I offer 60 minute psychotherapy sessions for $120.

**Please note, at this time I’m not accepting new clients**

To schedule, please call 360-828-3149 or email allisonawendt@gmail.com. 

Accepted Insurance Plans







Due to the current health crisis, I’m currently only seeing clients online, through video sessions. I’m located in the North Kitsap area, and travel to Mountlake Terrace for KAP sessions.